List Your Property

The present market value of your property is the most important piece of information you need before listing your property for sale. The Market Analysis we share with you gives you the best up to date data! 

Usually Sellers can make a few easy adjustments to increase the value of your property for best sale.  

Your property will be marketed in several different ways from multi user friendly real estate web sites, open houses, virtual walk throughs, mailings and more. 

The offer process is facilitated by us; negotiations, documents, inspections & the closing of your property. 

On closing day we celebrate YOUR success!!!

    Find Your Property

YOUR needs are #1. We make sure you search for homes with pre-approval in hand.

All the necessary home buying steps are explained.

The offers we present are well written strong offers. 

Often times Buyers ask for a list of Home Inspection Companies, Attys and more. We share a resource list!

Your transaction is closely monitored by your Agent to ensure it goes smoothly

On closing day we celebrate YOUR success!!!